About Us

Exp2SAP was born in 2013 with a main purpose to help companies no matter the size increase productivity by allowing employees to enter and submit their expense reports through the web instead of traditional slow and cumbersome method of paper.

This software is a powerful tool for all companies that want to reduce the cost, time and simultaneously limit the data entry errors related to the expense reports process. It combines the flexibility and easy access of the web with the strong functionality of the best Enterprise Resource Planning system on the market, SAP. The team that created this software worked closely with both SAP consultants and with web designers and had only one scope in mind: "ease to use". Even though is easy to use, the software is still flexible enough to fully integrate with 90% of the companies that use SAP.

Exp2SAP is a web software that give the employees the opportunity to enter the expense reports from anywhere in the world and get paid even before they go back home. The payment process will still be done out of SAP using the standard payment run by check or bank transfer. This solution allow companies that have implemented or plan to implement SAP to substantially reduce the cost of entering and processing the expense reports shifting the responsibility of processing the expense reports from accounting department to their employees. This way the productivity of accounting department increase and at the same time employees will be happy because they will have an option to track and see the status of the expense report submitted and also to get paid a lot faster.