Online Demo

We are confident in our software functionality as a result we placed a demo site for you to use without any registration.

We designed our software with one thing in mind "easy to understand and use". Please take 5-10 minutes of your time and check the functionality of this software.


Bellow is a short video on how to add an expense report.


The software has currently reached the release 4.0 and with this release we added additional features like:

    • - Supports multiple companies for the same client
    • - Defaults a cost center for each employee
    • - Additional reports were created to generate a total expenses by expense type, by vendor and by cost center
    • - Graphs were included to generate top 5 expenses by types, top 5 expenses by cost center
    • - Financial Approver will be allowed to update the GL accounts selected by employees and cost object selected, but not the amount
    • - Error/warning message for statistical postings (using a cost center and an internal order at the same time)
    • - The hotel charges can be expanded to include another 5 categories (food charges, telephone, internet, parking and other charges), categories that will have a default GL account configured for each company code.

Note: The demo does not include the full functionality of the Exp2SAP software. If you want to have a full demo please contact us.

Thank you for your interest in Exp2SAP software.