Currently we concentrated our efforts and made sure we have the best functionality on the market for one product "expense reports for SAP"

Expense reports for SAP recently release version 4.0 with the following functionality

Full integration with SAP
The main advantage of this application over the others existing on the internet is that is designed for SAP with SAP objects and as a result is fully integrated with SAP. The solution is flexible enough to fully integrate with 95% of the SAP implementations, yet is easy to use and accessible from anywhere in the world without the need to install SAP GUI or any additional software. This main feature helps the companies reduce the high costs of an interface between SAP and other expense report software that can offer the same benefits. By using Exp2SAP, the months of building, testing and implementing an interface and the cost associated with this, are reduced to only a set up time, set up where you specify the company codes, currencies, GL accounts, cost centers, internal orders and users allowed to use this interface. The set up will take the employee's data, GL accounts and other master data from SAP and will make it available for use in Exp2SAP application, as a result the full functionality of SAP will remain the same. This will allow your company to generate reporting based on both applications and take the full advantage of functionality on both sides, the ERP and the web solution.

Cost reduction, standardization and better tracking
According to a study published by American Express the cost of processing manually one expense report is between $37 and $75. Depending on the number of expense reports submitted monthly by employees, but even for a small company can range between 10 and 50 expense reports, which means the real cost of processing these expense reports is between $370 and $3,750. This cost is usually an additional burden to any company and gives additional work to AP department and also additional stress to the employees to track and follow the expense reports all the way to payment process. The solution to these problems is our web software Exp2SAP that will dramatically reduce the costs, will create a necessary consistency across all journal entries, eliminate all the errors related to data entry and reduce the time required to process these expense reports.

Standardization, accuracy and concistency
If you have an AP clerk enter 10 expense reports, there is a very high chance that they will not have the same information in the same fields for all expense reports. If your company has multiple AP clerks, then the consistency is probably lost for good. Exp2SAP offers the consistency of always having the same data in the same field. This will allows you for better reporting for faster searches and also for eliminating duplicating entries. The benefits are not just for the company are also for the employees that submit the expense reports. The employees can log on and see the status of the expense report at any time. They will also receive an email if the expense report was approved, rejected or fully processed and they will know when to expect the payment. This way they won't have to move the papers around and call or send a lot of emails to AP department to find out of the status of their expense report and when they should expect a payment. Also they don't have to wait until they submit the papers to AP department but instead they can submit the expense reports at any time with the scanned receipts and the approval process will be a lot faster and they will get reimbursed faster.

Exp2SAP is a web-based solution using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model
There is no additional software to install and no requirements for expensive servers to maintain or heavy license fees for multiple ERP users. All you need is a web browser and internet access and you can submit the expense reports from anywhere in the world. Your business can immediately begin taking advantage of the full benefits that this application is offering, without any risk involved. You have nothing to lose, we can set it up for you for 5 users initially and this way you can have a see the features it offers and the full functionality of the application. If you are not happy with it for 30 days we will refund your fees.

List of key features

- 24/7 web access for employees, approvers and administrators
- no additional software to install, beside a web browser and internet access.
- easy to use
- explicit training materials available in word, pdf and html format
- supports multiple company codes
- supports multiple currencies
- supports tax entries for multiple countries
- supports either one level approval or two levels approval (second approval is done by Finance department)
- supports payments by company credit cards and at the same time will reduce the liability for employee
- supports cost centers postings
- supports internal orders postings
- supports GL and account assignement corrections by the Financial Approver
- can default a cost center per each employee
- automated emails for submission and approving
- automated approval or rejection of an submitted expense report
- automated file generation

Implementation time and support
The implementation of our software depends on the size of the company, but usually takes less than 5 days, which means you will be able to take advantage of the functionality of our software within a week or less. The implementation will be based on a questionnaire and it does not require additional configuration on SAP side.

The Exp2SAP software is backed by exceptional documentation, a highly rating support that will help you with all the problems and it can also provide consulting for SAP, data migration and additional reports and workflow that your company needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us.